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Download Template

Register first to Download Template and to Submit Manuscripts (s)

You have to "Register" for EACH journal by clicking the "Register" button given on the top right portion of that particular journal to view contents, download template and to submit manuscript (s) online.

Register and Download Template to Submit Manuscript (s) Online

1. First select "All Journals" from the top right portion of the Home Page of the portal:  

2. Select the journal you want to visit, upload or download manuscript (s).

3. Click the "Register" button given on the right hand top of each journal.

4. Fill-in the requisite details.

5. It takes a few seconds to get registered. 

6. Once you are registered for the first time, you are automatically logged-in.

7. From the next time onward, go to the particular journal you want to read, download template, upload or download manuscripts and "Log In".

8. Once you are logged-in, you can "Download Template', type out or copy-and-paste your manuscript (s) from your computer, and then click the "Submit" button to upload your manuscript (s). Your manuscript (s) will go to the Editor of that journal.

9. You have to register for EACH journal if you want to visit, download template, upload or download manuscripts of that particular journal.

10. You can also submit manuscript (s) as attachments to your e-mail and send the e-mail to the Editor with a CC to: .