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Payment Information

Article Publication Fee for Authors: 

For covering the costs of publishing an article in any Signpost Open Access Journal, a publication fee is charged, and with Signpost Open Access Journals, it is one of the lowest compared to any other journal in the world. The publication charges are given below.

Publication Charges

Short Communication :
U.S $ 95/-

Letters : U.S $ 80/-

Original Article : U.S $ 350/-

Review Article : U.S $ 395/-

Mini Review : U.S $ 225/-

Conference Proceedings : U.S $ 650/-

Institutional Membership Charges : U.S $ 7000/-

Indian Authors : U.S $ 34/- Per Article

Pin Points : U.S $ 17/- Per Article

Publication Charges:

Hard Copies (with ISBN and Air Mailing Charges)

You can order two or more hard copies if you so choose, for an additional charge of U.S. $ 65/ per copy for a book up to 50 pages and U.S. $ 115/- for a book up to 100 pages, with black and white inner pages and multi-colour cover. (colour figures for inner pages for hard copies cost extra at U.S. $ 30/- per colour page). Each additional page would cost U.S. $ 7/- for black & white pages. These charges include registered air-mailing charges.